Training update week beginning 27/11/2017

This week hasn’t been the best week training for me. I didn’t manage to meet any of my targets sets for last week. To be honest though i’ve not been feeling 100% recently and have come back from work tired and drained most days, however I am feeling a bit fresher so hope next week will bring some positive changes.

I did however do Parkrun yesterday and a half marathon in Lancaster today. The half marathon was one of the toughest I have done so far. It was a very flat course but the main reason it was challenging is because I have a dodgy knee at the moment. I decided to try and jog as much as I can and to power walk when I needed to which is what I did. When I did finish I felt of a mixture of emotions but the main one was happiness. I came third to last but all things considered I wasn’t too disappointed.

My plans for next week are as follows:

Monday – Rest day

Tuesday – Light gym session

Wednesday – Rest day

Thursday – Club run

Friday – Rest day

Saturday – Parkrun

Sunday – 18 miles of only power walking.

Thanks for reading.




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