Training update week beginning 27/11/2017

This week hasn’t been the best week training for me. I didn’t manage to meet any of my targets sets for last week. To be honest though i’ve not been feeling 100% recently and have come back from work tired and drained most days, however I am feeling a bit fresher so hope next week will bring some positive changes.

I did however do Parkrun yesterday and a half marathon in Lancaster today. The half marathon was one of the toughest I have done so far. It was a very flat course but the main reason it was challenging is because I have a dodgy knee at the moment. I decided to try and jog as much as I can and to power walk when I needed to which is what I did. When I did finish I felt of a mixture of emotions but the main one was happiness. I came third to last but all things considered I wasn’t too disappointed.

My plans for next week are as follows:

Monday – Rest day

Tuesday – Light gym session

Wednesday – Rest day

Thursday – Club run

Friday – Rest day

Saturday – Parkrun

Sunday – 18 miles of only power walking.

Thanks for reading.




  1. Well done on your Marathons! Love the quote you put in! It’s given me motivation to start my exercises! Good luck with your new week!!


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