Training update week beginning 20/11/17

Hi everyone and thanks again for visiting my blog.

I have made an intention that every Sunday, I will write a blog post updating you all with my running progress within the last 7 days.

Monday – Rest day

Tuesday – I had planned to do either a track or road running session but I felt really tired after work so that didn’t quite work out.

Wednesday – Rest day

Thursday – Really wanted to do my club (Red Rose Road Runners) training run but wasn’t able to get a lift down there in time.

Friday – Rest day

Saturday – Travelled down to Liverpool at 7:25am to get to Knowsley Parkrun in Liverpool which started at 9am. This run was done with a few of my fellow runners. It was a 3.1 miles run. The conditions were very icy as shown in the pictures below. I was surprised the event was still going ahead based on how icy it was but I was glad that it still went ahead. I knew I had to be ultra careful to try and avoid slipping and having injuries. As it was my first time at Knowsley,I didn’t really know what to expect. the park was beautiful and it was a 2 lap course. There were some hills involved but they were only small ones. As I hadn’t been running a lot lately,I really felt it and struggled to control my breathing for a while but overall I was delighted to have made it round without stopping. We then travelled to Sefton Park to watch our fellow runners take part in Cross Country which is a very difficult run and quite often muddy. They all did amazingly well.

Sunday  – I got up just after 8am this morning and made my way down to Avenham Park in Preston to volunteer at Junior Parkrun which is a series of 2km events for youngsters aged between 4-14. I always enjoy encouraging and motivating our younger runners and I hope that it will help them to develop a love for the sport and encourage them to keep active once they are older. After that I quickly made my best to the Best 5k at Moor Park where I had signed up to the 5km run which is also approximately 3.1 miles. I got there just over an hour early and decided last minute to also enter the 1 mile fun run. I love medals and it was just too tempting. At 11am the 5km started and my knee was beginning to hurt a bit as I had banged it at work a few weeks ago but I continued and carried on after a very short but brisk powerwalk. As I got into the last half a mile, I felt I really began to enjoy my running at that point as now I was feeling I was running well but on this race it had taken me a while to get into that zone. I ended up with a time of 32:45. Last year I got approximately 25 mins but given the circumstances I was still really happy with the time.

The plans for next week are:

  1. A light gym on Tuesday
  2. Club training run Thursday
  3. Parkrun and another 12 miles which = 15 miles
  4. Mental Elf 5km which is an annual fundraiser for Lancashire Mind

Thanks for reading




  1. When I was in school I used to love running unfortunately as I have gotten older I never even consider running but I love the idea of Park Run’s I think I need a running buddy just to keep me motivated. In the new year I am hoping I will start running and fall in love again. Impressed with what you do – great post!


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