The importance of kindness

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Today I want to talk about the quality of kindness and list 10 advantages of why kindness is important to both ourselves and to others. Kindness is important because unfortunately we live in a world where there is still a lot of hatred, malice and jealousy and that is something we have to work hard to help eradicate. The 10 advantages are listed below:

  1. Being kind to others helps us to feel good about ourselves
  2. You may be helping the person more than you think
  3. Kindness helps to strengthen relationships and can help spread love and peace to one another (got this one from a website)
  4. The people you are kind to tend to automatically get good feelings in their heart about you.
  5. Kindness can have a knock on effect and inspire others to be kind. (got this one from a website)
  6. Kindness bring joy and happiness to others as well as ourselves.
  7. Kindness helps us to become less selfish/greedy and helps to appreciate all the blessing we already have. We have a lot to be thankful for.
  8. Kindness can sometimes be reciprocated.
  9. Kindness also shows compassion and love which are two great qualities.
  10. When you are kind to someone they don’t tend to forget the way you made them feel.

It is really important to spread kindness. I read once to spread kindness like confetti but I think we should spread kindness more than confetti. If you know someone is struggling be kind to them because your support tends to mean a lot. It doesn’t cost a lot to call/text your friend asking if they are ok if you know they are feeling down or to buy a homeless person a coffee. Acts like these take a little amount of time and effort but the effect it has can be enormous.

I just want to leave you with 2 powerful quotes. The first is “Be a rainbow in the Thunder” from Ellis Wooley which I bought as a poster from one of her online shops as seen in the picture below.

The other is that “Kindness is a language that even the deaf can hear and the blind can see”. I feel this is a really powerful quote which shows the power of kindness.

So the main message I wanted to get across to be kind to people because you don’t know what they are going through.

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Training Run

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On Sunday as part of my training for the Yorkshire marathon, I decided that I wanted to do a lao of the Preston Guild Wheel which is a total of 21 miles. This run was to be done with a few other members of Red Rose.

I woke up on Sunday knowing that this was going to be a rough run and I only had around 5 hours sleep the previous night as I was at a wedding reception the previous night. Mentally before even starting the run. I was tired but I wanted to try and knew this time I would get some encouragement off my fellow Red Rosers who were also running with me.

As I got out of the the door, I was contemplating whether to run or to walk to the meeting point but felt it would be better to walk as I would be running 21 miles so my legs needed a rest to start with.

As I set off with Ben, Kelly, John and Baz, I felt confident that would do it because I had the support of the others. If I had done it on my own I may not have been able to do it all with the way I was feeling at the time.  On this run I was even feeling tired on the first mile but it showed me how strong I was to continue so now I see that as an advantage and a positive.

For the first few miles, I was very slow and I got worries that I would hold everyone back but everyone waited for me at certain points just to make sure the group was still together and we didn’t leave anyone behind.

The route is beautiful and takes you all over Preston. First through Avenham Park, then towards the dock, across a bridge, into Penwortham, across to Lea and Broughton and back down towards Walton Le Dale and into Avenham Park.

After around mile 6, I felt like Pi picked up the pace a little as I got into my rhythm and whilst running for me rhythm is very important. In a strange way even though I was tired at the start now I felt more relaxed but I was still looking forward to a much needed break.

At around mile 10 we stopped for our break which lasted ofr about 20 mins for a J20, water and a Twix. It felt good to sit down and I didn’t want to get back up again. the thought of doing another 10-11 miles seemed too much.

As we set out again, I began to think that sitting down for that amount of time was a big mistake as my legs were tense now and I felt like I would struggle again but I shouldn’t have worried.

As we got to mile 15, I was now counting down the miles until the end as I was getting tired now. I was feeling more mentally tired then physically tired but sometimes the battle to carry on in your head can be quite tough.

As we got towards mile 17 there is a park and I remember asking Ben if he wanted to go in but he didn’t. I’ve still got a fun and childish side in me.

As we got towards the end, adrenaline was kicking in and rather then slowing down, I was getting faster. It’s crazy how that happen especially on the last mile when you think the opposite should be happening. As we got over the last bridge I saw a fellow Red Roser (Mel) who gave some support. Her support at the end was a big help and it came at the perfect time. As we finished, I felt relieved and I just wanted an ice lolly from the local cafe but had Slush instead.

A great end to a great run!

Sorry for the lack of photos. I forgot the Iphone on this run!

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Running man

Hi everyone and thanks again for visiting my blog. Below is a poem that I have wrtiten about the feelings that a runner goes through running a marathon and I hope you all enjoy.

Here I am on the race start line

Hoping to get an amazing time

Feelings of excitement, feelings of nerves

Hoping to get a medal I feel I richly deserve

As they blast off the starting gun

I am getting ready, getting ready to run.

As I start off this long trek.

At the end of the race I’ll probably feel like hitting the deck.

As I start and run the first mile.

I realise this is a gruesome trial.

Running mile after mile, putting one foot in front of the other.

I felt how much we were beginning to suffer.

At 13 miles we were nearly half way.

Oh come on is what you hear your voice say.

Legs are not shattering in a lot of pain.

But I couldn’t give up as there was a special achievement I wished to attain.

I am continuing, continuing to run hard.

Finding it hard to keep that strong mentality running guard.

Pain rippling through the body especially the calf.

I was thinking if only I had done a half.

But I was so eager, so eager to get that medal.

I knew I had to continue this difficult running pedal.

As I approached mile 20 the end was in sight.

Much to my imperious and infectious delight.

The end is near but yet so far.

Whoever finishes this race is a stubborn beautiful star.

The pain is still there, too much to take.

All I want is a scrumptious juicy big phat cake.

Here I am at the end of the race.

I can’t imagine looking at my bleary eyed tired looking face.

Walking towards the marshalls to collect my prize.

Now I’m off to rest these beautiful thighs.

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The infectious smile

Hi guys and girls and thanks again for visiting my blog.

The next poem isn’t one of mine but I saw it on the @simplypositive Twitter account and I think this poem is amazing so wanted to share it with you. It’s called “The infectious smile” as it is about the power of a smile.

Smiling is infectious

You catch it like flu

When someone smiled at me today.

I started smiling too.

I walked around the corner and someone saw me grin.

When he smiled I had realised that I had passed it onto him.

I thought about the smile then realised its worth.

A single smile like mine could travel round the earth.

So if you feel a smile begin, don’t leave it undetected.

Start an epidemic and get the world infected.




Book Reviews

Stuck in my head: Stories from survivors

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Today I wish to give a review of a fabulous zine that was created by the talented Lauren Chessebi called “Stuck in my head: Stories from survivors. The zine is about mental health and various topics of mental health are discussed.



2 of the things that I like about this zine is that multiple people have contributed therefore the reader sees multiple ways that mental health can effect different people. I also love that they have used different methods to tell their story such as Art, poetry and story telling. I feel this adds a bit of creativity and a bit of variety which is what lots of readers want as it helps to keep them interested.

The zine also includes a letter from Hannah Rainey titled “To the one who never gave up (again another great blogger who recently won a blogging award) where she describes the qualities of someone who didn’t give up on her and thanks them. I want to share this letter with you because I feel I can really relate to this letter as when I was unwell I had a friend who didn’t give up on me and some of the qualities he had Hannah talks about here.



2 other pieces that really affected me was written by Amy Smith and Sarah-Louise Kelly where they talk about their experiences with depression. What I really liked about these pieces is that they talk about what they did to help themselves to get better. I mention this because to get better a person has to make a little effort themselves however hard it is and from this piece I feel they both have done that. The steps they made may not be for everyone but she did get better and a piece likes this offers hope and encouragement.IMG_0649







Below is the example of some of thee artwork creatively illustrated by Sian but I like this because they show both a dark and light cloud. I feel the dark cloud illustrates depression but the light cloud illustrates hope (something which is key)



Below is also a piece by Lauren herself called “To Sonder” Love this piece because it makes me think about things that I had never really considered. It makes me think about how we don’t know what problems others have in particular strangers which I think sub-consciously gives us a message to be kind to one another even if someone annoys you. Below is Lauren’s text and there are some beautiful words and advice lying in this piece.





All the people who have contributed to this zine have done a great and the fact that they are all survivors show hope and encouragement to anyone suffering with any illness physical or mental that life can get better!



Below are the Twitter, blog and Lauren’s Etsy store details where you can purchase the zine for everyone I have discussed in this review. Go give them support and read their blogs because they are all fabulous:

Lauren: and


Amy: and

Sarah: and

Sian: and

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Back into running

Hi everyone and thank you again for visiting my blog.

What a week that it has been! Since Ramadan ended I have got back into the running mode and wanted this to happen straightaway.

On Tuesday evening I decided to go to the Thornton Cleveleys interclub which was a lovely 5 miles route near Blackpool. The route was beautiful and scenic and I always find there is something calming and soothing about running near the sea. During the first quarter of a mile my legs felt tense but then after that I relaxed a little and got into a slow and steady jog which I maintained until the end. I realised just how much I had missed Red Rose and it was fantastic to be out running with them again. One of the best memories of this night though was myself and my mate Ben getting lost whilst driving on the way to the buffet afterwards and we ended up about 5 miles in the wrong direction. A funny memory.

On Thursday I paid a visit to training at Poachers. I was quite excited as this was my first Thursday run in 4-5 weeks. I was quite surprised as the turnout was relatively quiet and lots of familiar faces seemed to be missing however I still had a great time and managed to do the short run which was a 5 miles option around Cureden Valley.

Saturday was planned to be a busy day. I did Parkrun in the morning. It was great to be back at Parkrun because I had missed it.

I then made my way to Lostock Hall for a 5k run which coincided with the Lostock Hall carnival and started at 12:30. I was told at Parkrun there would be 50+ people from Red Rose there and it didn’t surprise me that there was. The turnout was incredible and both the race and the support was absolutely fantastic. I’ve never seen so many people turnout for a 5k race before.

After paying a visit to the Science Festival at the University of Central Lancashire, going out to eat and a wonder around town with friends it was time to go home and relax for a few hours ahead of a 10 miles walk for St Catherines Hospice who are an incredible charity who helped to support my grandmother and the rest of our family when she was seriously ill.

The walk took place at 10pm and started off outside the hospice. There were loads of people there and I was quite eager to start. The walk took us through different sites of Preston including Bamber Bridge, Town Centre, Penwortham, Lostock Hall and then back to the hospice.

The pace was quick to start off with and then I began to slow down a little and then got relatively quick again. I was quite surprised by how quick I was walking towards the end bearing in mind I had done Parkrun, Lostock Hall and had a wonder around town. Sometimes you realise the body can do miraculous things. We finished just after 1am and 1 thing was for sure. I was tired.

Thanks for reading



Blinded life

When I wake up in the morning my eyes open but I can’t see.

I yearn to see a vision, a vision of me.

I can’t see as I am blind.

A sight and a vision is what I wish to find.

I always wake up hoping today I will see some light.

I always end up with darkness, like the darkness of the night.

I often think why me?

All I want is a beautiful colour to see,

All my life I have had no vision.

Feeling like my blindness has given total division.

Walking on the streets is a hard task.

The difficultly of which I struggle to mask.

Each day however I have hope.

Hope that one day my eyes will open but vision will float.