Yorkshire Marathon

Hi everyone and thanks again for visiting my blog.

I am currently sitting on the train reflecting on the previous day running the Yorkshire marathon. It was an amazing day. There are times when I was happily emotional, in lots of pain and times when I felt proud of what I had achieved.

I struggled to get a taxi to the train station (Where a bus would take us to the venue) as at this time taxi firms were not accepting pre-bookings. I finally got a taxi in the end

The taxi arrived bang on 7 AM and took me to the train station where I met Gina and her friend Vicky. Gina is part of Red Cross in Yorkshire was her 86th marathon.   I’ve also stupidly mentioned that I would run her 100th with her which is scheduled to be in Milton Keynes on Saturday 6th of January 2018.

We arrived at around 7:30 AM and there wasn’t many people there but more and more people kept arriving which allowed me to soak up and enjoy the atmosphere. After a quick coffee, I tried and failed miserably  to meet up with my friend Sara who was also running the marathon. Even by telling me that she was on the phone we still struggle to find each other. I think this is partly due to them having a massive entrance near the front also.

I got into the starting pen around 9:25 AM with the race due to start at 9:30 AM. As I passed the start line the nerves seemed to disappear. I jogged slowly and then felt someone tap me on the shoulder.   It was Sara and she had quoted to me. It was nice to see Sara as we have not seen each other in about four years and we used to work together at the human relief foundation in Bradford.

The first few miles in the city of York, running through the town centre and the atmosphere  was magnificent if people cheering us on left right and centre. We then split off from the 10 miles group and we went out in the countryside. I often commented and how beautiful it looked and the scenery reminded me of the Lake District so this was probably my favourite part of the race.

Myself and Sarh were trying to keep the atmosphere positive apart from the time I said only 21 miles to go after 5 miles. Lesson learnt to never do that again. We were keeping that was very positive though. Me by cracking hilariously funny jokes about cats and Sarah positively encouraging people. Only saw a couple running for a cat charity and I politely reminded them that they would be feeline good and the end of the race.  They loved it.

Around 7 to 8 miles in, we saw Sarah’s family for the first time. I found it quite touching never achieving both of us on. I felt to be running at a good pace because reports wanted to make sure we had enough in the tank at the end. It was a gentle pace and I felt like I could maintain it.

Around mile 15, I was beginning to struggle but Sarah’s constant support, motivational words of wisdom and general positivity encouragement to keep fighting on despite the pain. A determined attitude got me to mile 18 but by now my place was slowing down and the pain was kicking in. I couldn’t maintain the pace any longer. As my pace slowed down, it felt like Sarah was getting faster even though rationally it was just a case of me is slowing down.

After a very brisk power walk I felt I got my mojo back somewhat and I powered on into mile 20. The way I felt then, I felt it could be the best 10k that I have ran  at the end of any marathon.  I managed to run between mile 21 and now 22 which is a sign of progression. This is the point where  pain well and truly takes hold. I managed to catch up with Sarah and with a combination of both running and walking we got to 24.5 miles. I think adrenaline must’ve kicked in for both of us at this point as we ran at a similar pace at the start of the race including the hill I was getting at the end.

I could hear the announcer and then eventually I could see the finish line. All the normal emotions came out now we had finished. Pain, happiness, joy, relief because even know this was my first marathon it all still feel like an accomplishment. The medal was also so worth it and below is a picture.

Myself and Sarah are still fundraising for the four-legged animal Santry in Morocco. If anyone wishes to donate please click on the link below and thank you for reading.





  1. Super impressive! About nearly 2 years ago I signed up for a 5k run for a local hospice. I hade previously completed a 10k walk for the same charity and came in good time. I hadn’t prepared for the run and I do not partake in exercise. This was my big mistake. Not even one lap in I was out of breath and had to walk most of it! Still I didn’t come last!


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