Love at first sight

From the very first time I saw her, I was utterly mesmerised

A captivating scene surrounding me more beautiful then the gleaming blueness of the River Nile

I was totally transfixed on her broad wide smile.

She looked at me and was in thought.

The key unlocked inside my heart, a special treasure she had bought.

She looked deep into my eyes.

Her beauty, her elegance, her enchanting personality to me a special prize.

She walked towards me leaving her footprints in the sand.

To a special place in my heart she seemed to land.

The strides got bigger, longer and wider.

Until eventually I was right beside her.

The waves gushing like the sound of the sea.

Just like I love her, I hope she loves me.



  1. That’s a sweet poem you wrote there πŸ™‚ very emotional, I can tell from your writing that you meant it. I enjoyed reading it. I write poetry too, you can check out my blog for some tips. I’m always willing to help and give some feedback as well.

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