Lifetime Memories Part 1

Hi everyone and thank you again for visiting my blog

I am going to write a series of short poems describing the journey of life this will be done in approximately 4 parts. Below is the first poem which describes the first few moments after being born. I hope you all enjoy.

Entering into the womb my life is beginning.

Through the journey of life, I was about to be swimming.

Sitting alone in the dark surrounding of the womb.

The day I am born, I am about to swoon.

From the womb to the Earth on a journey I am travelling.

A journey that I find ever so grappling.

As I entered the Earth my parents smile and beam.

A brand-new chapter had begun, a brand-new theme.

Entering into this world is unique, a gift.

Scooping me in her arms my mother give me a lift.

I’ve entered this world as ia brand-new baby.

Am I looking forward to life? Just maybe.







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