A true friendship

Hi everyone,

Thanks again for visiting my blog. Below is a poem I wrote about true friendship and what it means to me. Hope you enjoy!

I love my friend with all my heart.

They were there for me right from the start.

In times of grief, in times of sorrow, they touched a hard act to follow.

In times of anger, in times of pain.

They supported me with nothing to gain.

When I’m happy, when I’m sad.

They still help me and I’m so glad.

When I frown or when I smile.

I always have my friend on speed dial.

Hold onto these jewels and never let them go.

Let your heart be touched by them and the love between you blossom and grow.





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  1. I really loved this poem! My friends mean the world to me so when I was reading this I thought of them. True friends are so special and I really love how you’ve captured the essesne of try friendship with your words

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk


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