Why I want to become an Asics Front Runner

Hi everyone and thanks for visiting my blog again.

Last week I sent in an application to become a member of the Asics Frontrunner UK team. They are a team who want to inspire people all over the world to take part in races/events and share their passion. I briefly want to share with you why I want to join and why I think I would be a great addition to the team.

Motivation and inspiration – I feel like by joining the team, I would be going on a running inspired journey. I always put posts on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as one of my passions is to motivate and inspire others to exercise more. It doesn’t necessarily have to be running, just something to help people be more active. I feel I can share my journey to encourage others to exercise more in this manner.

Helping others to achieve goals – I always like hearing the goals of others, not just in running but in other personal interests. I always want what is best for people and want them to achieve their goals. Sometimes, I do this by giving them encouraging comments or even giving them an incentive to achieve their goal. For those who are not confident, I always try to give them a self belief that they can achieve everything that they want to.

Commitment, passion and desire to run – I’m always talking about running whether it’s at home, work or even at the running club. I tend to enter races quite often and go on training runs at weekends and run with the club during the week.

Representing Asics in a positive way – I feel that I can be a shining example with my friendly and supportive personality and represent Asics in a really good manner,

Thanks for reading.




  1. This sounds amazing, good luck and I hope they get back to you soon. I recently took up running last year, and it’s easily become a huge passion of mine now.

    It was really interesting reading about this, I look forward to hearing more news!

    Alys / alysgeorge.blogspot.co.uk


  2. That sounds like a great idea to lead by example and motivate other to do the same. I am not a very active person in my everyday life but this year I try to push myself go to the gym after work. I wish you good luck with joining the team!Fingers crossed they pick you!


  3. Finding something that you’re passionate about in life is so important so good for you for wanting to help others find a passion that will support their health!


  4. You’re such a good soul. The piece you wrote on helping others be more confident just made me smile. That’s so nice! I love watching runners, deep inside I always felt like a runner because I won all the races as a kid growing up in Trinidad lol.


  5. This is so wonderful! I loved hearing how much you adore helping others achieve their goals too, not just reaching your own. I hope you get the position, sounds like you would be incredible at it 🙂


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