Week beginning 11th December 2017

Hi everyone and thanks again for visiting my post.

I felt like I have had a good week this even though some of my goals from last week were not completed, I still feel content and happy with what I did.

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: Light session at the gym which included the treadmill and stepper. I was only there for around 30 mins.

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: Ended up doing the short distance of around 4 miles at the club run.

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Parkrun day

Sunday: I had originally planned to do 20 miles however I ended doing a half marathon in Lancaster with my friend Ben. I always enjoy running with Ben and going to races with him as he is very supportive and a good influence. The route itself was quite flat but I was struggling a lot with my knee on this race particularly as I got to mile 12. Ben did run back for me and I was glad to finish.

The plans for next week are:

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: Light gym session

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: Club run

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Parkrun

Sunday: To do the 20 miler


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