Training week 18/12/2017

Hi everyone and thank again for visiting my blog.

I felt this week went really well and I was feeling a lot happier and content with how I was doing this week even though some of my targets were not met.

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: Wanted to do a light gym session but I was so tired from work, it didn’t happen.

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: I ended up doing the medium distance at the club run for the first time in ages. I really enjoyed this as it gave me the opportunity to up my milage a little and to socialise too.

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Did Preston parkrun. I initially wanted a PB today but after around 0.5 mile I was struggling and decided today wasn’t going to be a PB so relaxed a little bit more and just enjoyed it.

Sunday (Christmas Eve): I wanted to do the 20 miles today but ended up getting talked into doing a 10k at Lancaster with my fellow runners from Red Rose. It was the longest time it has ever taken me to do a 10k however again it was worth it. The run took place near the canal so some of the scenery was beautiful too.

The plans for next week are:

Christmas day: Parkrun

Tuesday: Rest day

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: Run with the club

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Parkrun at Southport

Sunday: Rest day



  1. Sounds like a very productive week. A lot of my colleagues do park run and really enjoy it. It seems like a really nice way for people to be sociable and run as you say.

    V ❤


  2. Hi, a few of my work colleagues did the Christmas park run, I can’t run and used the excuse I had to prepare for the family staying. I really should try running.


  3. Wow! You are so motivated to do a parkrun at Christmas! Go you! That’s so impressive! It sounds like you have had a great week. Hope 2018 is awesome for you and you achieve everything you want to! 💖 xx

    Bexa |


  4. Did you also run on Christmas day? so brave! It was so cold in Germany I did not dare go out even for five minutes ahah! I am really impressed with your training! xx corinne


  5. Faisal, you put me to shame! You’re clearly very committed to running and I admire the determination. About 2 years ago I attempted a 5km run for charity. I previously completed a 10 mile walk for the same charity, so I thought almost have the distance running would be ok. How wrong I was. I did no training before had, and by the 1st lap around I was puffing and panting and almost at a walking pace. I did complete it (though I did walk some of it!) but I just goes to show me how unfit and unprepared I was. So I have full respect for anyone who can run without getting out of breathe! 🙂


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