The Other half

Hi everyone. Thank you again for visiting my blog.

Below is a poem called the other half.  This poem was written by Tatiana and it was purchased from an Etsy store where I could describe in one word what I wanted the poem to be about at the time of purchase. Tatiana would then write the poem and then send it. I think this poem is beautiful and amazing and I wanted to share it with you.

You are my other half.

You have been out since that day, our day.

I find that my whole being is not so when I do you not have you here.

I am not enough, to fill up all of your spaces.

You tell me that I give myself too often.

I do not have enough to give

My other half


I am your other half

I have been since that day, our day

You find yourself alone, yet I am your shadow

You will always have me here

You are the perfect size for my hands

I tell you to give your whole being to me

You do, my other half


We are whole

We have always been one since yesterday, last week, a whole year, a whole lifetime

There are times when we almost slipped

We caught each other

We found ourselves

You are me

I am you

We say “Remain with me always my love”

And we do

I do


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  1. Such a beautiful poem. I’m really getting into poetry at the moment (reading, not writing, I could never do that). I would never have thought you could buy original poetry, it’s a great idea, and I’m glad you’ve found something you love.


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