Tortured Soul

Hi everyone and thanks again for visiting my blog.

Below is a poem I have written called “Tortured Soul” and I must warn that you may find some of it distressing.

As my eyes opened to start the day.

I was hoping by living here I would not have a price to pay.

I undid the covers and go out of bed.

Frightened and anxious today could be the day that I am shot dead.

I wanted a hug of comfort, I wanted my mum

I wanted her to hug her beloved son.

I ran towards her but was stopped by the sight of 3 men with loaded guns.

I squealed, I cried.

Basic human rights being so cleared denied.

“Mother mother” I clearly had shouted

Even from a young age their intentions I could not have doubted.

They grabbed her by the hair.

Like they did not care.

Dragging her out of the house and into the van.

It was all part of a sickly/cowardly plan.

I was taken also but I did not care.

The pain in my heart was for my mothers welfare.

2 separate vans we are now divided.

I wish with the gunmen we had not collided,

My mother I could not see, my mother I could not hear.

And for this I shed more then a few tears.

I never knew again whether our paths were to pass.

But I am hoping they would and very fast.


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