Stuck in my head: Stories from survivors

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Today I wish to give a review of a fabulous zine that was created by the talented Lauren Chessebi called “Stuck in my head: Stories from survivors. The zine is about mental health and various topics of mental health are discussed.



2 of the things that I like about this zine is that multiple people have contributed therefore the reader sees multiple ways that mental health can effect different people. I also love that they have used different methods to tell their story such as Art, poetry and story telling. I feel this adds a bit of creativity and a bit of variety which is what lots of readers want as it helps to keep them interested.

The zine also includes a letter from Hannah Rainey titled “To the one who never gave up (again another great blogger who recently won a blogging award) where she describes the qualities of someone who didn’t give up on her and thanks them. I want to share this letter with you because I feel I can really relate to this letter as when I was unwell I had a friend who didn’t give up on me and some of the qualities he had Hannah talks about here.



2 other pieces that really affected me was written by Amy Smith and Sarah-Louise Kelly where they talk about their experiences with depression. What I really liked about these pieces is that they talk about what they did to help themselves to get better. I mention this because to get better a person has to make a little effort themselves however hard it is and from this piece I feel they both have done that. The steps they made may not be for everyone but she did get better and a piece likes this offers hope and encouragement.IMG_0649







Below is the example of some of thee artwork creatively illustrated by Sian but I like this because they show both a dark and light cloud. I feel the dark cloud illustrates depression but the light cloud illustrates hope (something which is key)



Below is also a piece by Lauren herself called “To Sonder” Love this piece because it makes me think about things that I had never really considered. It makes me think about how we don’t know what problems others have in particular strangers which I think sub-consciously gives us a message to be kind to one another even if someone annoys you. Below is Lauren’s text and there are some beautiful words and advice lying in this piece.





All the people who have contributed to this zine have done a great and the fact that they are all survivors show hope and encouragement to anyone suffering with any illness physical or mental that life can get better!



Below are the Twitter, blog and Lauren’s Etsy store details where you can purchase the zine for everyone I have discussed in this review. Go give them support and read their blogs because they are all fabulous:

Lauren: and


Amy: and

Sarah: and

Sian: and

Thanks for reading!





  1. Wow, this is such a lovely idea! I love that fact is a collaborative piece, and there are various forms of writing and work, such an excellent piece! I hope that reading through has helped you in some way.. ☺️


  2. Wow, Looks like the author has shown the deep insight of the original source along with a pretty good explanation of each. Really makes me wanna buy it and read it thoroughly 🙂


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