Back into running

Hi everyone and thank you again for visiting my blog.

What a week that it has been! Since Ramadan ended I have got back into the running mode and wanted this to happen straightaway.

On Tuesday evening I decided to go to the Thornton Cleveleys interclub which was a lovely 5 miles route near Blackpool. The route was beautiful and scenic and I always find there is something calming and soothing about running near the sea. During the first quarter of a mile my legs felt tense but then after that I relaxed a little and got into a slow and steady jog which I maintained until the end. I realised just how much I had missed Red Rose and it was fantastic to be out running with them again. One of the best memories of this night though was myself and my mate Ben getting lost whilst driving on the way to the buffet afterwards and we ended up about 5 miles in the wrong direction. A funny memory.

On Thursday I paid a visit to training at Poachers. I was quite excited as this was my first Thursday run in 4-5 weeks. I was quite surprised as the turnout was relatively quiet and lots of familiar faces seemed to be missing however I still had a great time and managed to do the short run which was a 5 miles option around Cureden Valley.

Saturday was planned to be a busy day. I did Parkrun in the morning. It was great to be back at Parkrun because I had missed it.

I then made my way to Lostock Hall for a 5k run which coincided with the Lostock Hall carnival and started at 12:30. I was told at Parkrun there would be 50+ people from Red Rose there and it didn’t surprise me that there was. The turnout was incredible and both the race and the support was absolutely fantastic. I’ve never seen so many people turnout for a 5k race before.

After paying a visit to the Science Festival at the University of Central Lancashire, going out to eat and a wonder around town with friends it was time to go home and relax for a few hours ahead of a 10 miles walk for St Catherines Hospice who are an incredible charity who helped to support my grandmother and the rest of our family when she was seriously ill.

The walk took place at 10pm and started off outside the hospice. There were loads of people there and I was quite eager to start. The walk took us through different sites of Preston including Bamber Bridge, Town Centre, Penwortham, Lostock Hall and then back to the hospice.

The pace was quick to start off with and then I began to slow down a little and then got relatively quick again. I was quite surprised by how quick I was walking towards the end bearing in mind I had done Parkrun, Lostock Hall and had a wonder around town. Sometimes you realise the body can do miraculous things. We finished just after 1am and 1 thing was for sure. I was tired.

Thanks for reading




  1. Well done Faisal, you did an amazing job especially after Ramadan. You must feel great! I always feel better after a long run, I used to do cross country but as I’ve gotten older I can’t say I do it anymore! I always find running great for clearing my head..

    Fiona Jane


  2. It sounds like you had an amazing time! I never would have been able to do any of that haha. I do have “run a 5k” on my bucket list, though. So we’ll see how that goes (eventually). Great post! ❀


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