Mothers Beauty

Hi everyone,

As mentioned in my bio I also love writing poetry and have decided to share this on my blog so below is one of my poems.

I should probably give this poem a trigger warning as it does involve grief. Thankfully I haven’t been through this experience yet but when writing poetry I like to imagine myself in the other persons situation and think about how I would feel and I hope you all like it.

Mothers beauty

Here I am playing with my toys

Trying to block out a devastating noise

All I heard was a loudness, a commotion

Devastated to know it was my mothers final motion

Still was still, she was gone

From this world she had departed from

A hole had developed in my soul, in my heart

A pain that was clearly tearing me and my family apart

I had never felt such pain such emotion

Only too late I had realised a mothers pure devotion

I long for her comfort, I long for a hug

In a shallow  grave she is preparing to be dug

Here I am trapped in grief

Knowing this pain is not likely to be brief

Witnessing her body is quite hard to see

On one hand wishing that it was me

I miss her, I miss my mum

Her face always shining as brightly as the sun.

I miss her, I miss my mum

The calling for dinner she had made wanting me to come.

I miss her, I miss my mum

I miss her looking after me as she had always done.

I miss her, I miss my mum

I miss talking about my problems to her which she didn’t shun

I miss her, I miss my mum

My immediate future looks so bleak, so blearily glum.

I miss her, I miss my mum

Wishing this heartbreaking damage could be undone.



  1. Reading this really made me tear up. Thanks for the warning, this was really powerful to read, as someone who has experienced this loss it’s such a devistating thing and can turn your whope world upside down.



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