Blackpool 10k

IMG_0532.JPGHi again and thanks again for visiting my blog.

A few months ago, I decided to take part in the Blackpool 10k. Blackpool is fairly local to me and in some ways I tend to enjoy the runs there so was fairly looking forward to it.

After arriving in Blackpool, I met up with all my fellow Red Rosers and all the pre requiremements prior to the races began (toilet queues, getting the race numbers etc)

I decided that this would be the race that I wanted a PB. I really believed in myself and I believed that I could achieve the PB. My head was screwed on and I was really determined and strong minded.

The route was basically a 6.2 miles run along the sea-front which looped back on it self. I really wanted the PB so I started at a really fast pace and I was worried that perhaps I had started a bit too fast and each mile felt very long.

On this race in particular I found my breathing was really difficult. Normally on runs I can run and talk at the same time even when running fast but on this race I just couldn’t and I was fully focussed that I had my game face on.

As we approached the 3rd mile I felt relief that I was nearly half way through! As we turned back on ourselves, it always feels amazing to know that you are on the way back as it feels closer to the finish. I also knew that I was on course to get the PB but it’s always in the 2nd half of the race where it feels the toughest.

As I ran along the sea-front the wind really hit and it is always harder running against the mind and more of a challenge. I was so pleased that I managed to get through that hurdle. Mile 4 was possibly the hardest as my legs began to tire possibly as a result of all the previous hard work.

As we I got around half way through mile 5 I saw that my fellow Red Roser John was just behind and I knew I was having a good run then because John is a really fast runner and he was behind me but I was struggling and was looking forward to the finishing line now. As we got to the finishing line, I sprinted as fast as I could and even though I wasn’t sure at the time if I got under 50 mins, I knew I got the PB and it felt fantastic. The official time was 51:09. John finished a few seconds ahead of me.

After that, we had to go out to enjoy fish and chips. A great end to a great race!

Thanks for reading!




  1. I love reading these marathon stories, it sort of motivates me to actually go and do one like I’ve been wanting to for years. It must feel amazing when you’re on the way back, that you’ve ran so far and nearly finished the full thing & running along the sea front must be beautiful.

    Jordanne ||


  2. You are incredible for loving to run the way that you do. I never understood the love for running, I never got in to it, but I’d like to give it a shot. I never like to say “no” to anything that will make me healthier. 🙂


  3. Aww well done on getting a new PB, you must be mega pleased! I only wish I had the motivation to do these kind of events. Good on you !
    Kisses and Love


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